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Keller Williams Mid Willamette real estate agent
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Monday, February 27, 2017

A brief visit to Flat Tail Brewing in Corvallis Oregon.....

The craft beer industry is alive and well in Corvallis.   When we moved away from Corvallis in '99 the craft beer industry was kind of in it's infancy compared to today.  Corvallis had one long time small craft brewery, Oregon Trail Brewery, when I moved.  On visits back we started noticing breweries popping up in town.  The brewing scene statewide has really increased, and Corvallis is definitely keeping up the place.

Early last week I received a text message from one of my co-worker scuba instructors from back in '99 who later became a part-time boat captain for me when I had my dive company... "Steve, we're traveling through Oregon, thinking of you, hope all is well" or something along those lines.  I gave him a call and let him know that if he needed a place to crash for a bit he and his significant other were more than welcome to stop in.  The next day he gave me a text from Flat Tail Brewing, which my wife and I gladly made our way to for a quick happy hour visit.  

You can see Captain Rich here wearing his Kona Brewing Company shirt.  When we lived in Kona KBC was a popular watering hole for the locals and tourist visitors alike.  Part of the shock of moving back here, after living in Hawaii for 14 years was how inexpensive happy hours are in Corvallis in comparison. After a light dinner, when the bill came through Rich took one look and said "I'm seeing a lot of 2.50 and 3.50, 4 dollar items, wow!" You don't find much of anything on the menu at that price in Kona, even at happy hour.  Corvallis has lots of good options for a happy hour for those who are inclined to do such a thing.

For me, seeing a face from the past was a blast.  I hadn't seen Rich and his S.O. in a bit over 4 years.  It was nice to see old friends and catch up and reconnect.



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