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Keller Williams Mid Willamette real estate agent
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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Selling your home? A little preparation can pay off dividends....

This next set of tips is one of my favorite set of tips I've posted on the blog so far. My wife and I sold our last house at the tail end of a slow housing market.  In our area homes weren't selling, I'm talking sitting on the market for a couple of years and either going off the market or accepting a very low ball offer in comparison to what they wanted.  We saw this happening all around us and decided we needed to get on top of our property when we decided to sell.  It took some elbow grease and hiring out some work in the spring, we put the house on the market in the summer and had an accepted offer, within a percent or two of our expected price, in the fall. 

The next article mentions 5 tips, we did 4 of them and were very glad we did. We felt lucky that we made the decision to do the work. If we hadn't, there's no telling for sure but if it was like the other properties in south Kona at the time, we'd either have been sitting there until the next housing boom or settling for a lot less.  Sometime a little investment of time and/or money can more pay itself off in and increased sales price, a quicker sale, or both.

Not all homes are in need of this, but it helps to take a look at your property from the eyes of a buyer before putting it on the market some times.  Here's the article....
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